Sunday, November 11, 2012

Continuation of Hamilton Mountain

At this point there is a fork in the trail and there is never a doubt in which one I will choose. More difficult! As in life, the more difficult it is the better the reward will be. 

Looking up  on the trail to large boulders covered in moss and ferns.
Large displays of moss covered rocks. 
The following views are from the "Little Hamilton."

Much steeper drop-offs here on Little Hamilton and much better views of the Gorge than at the summit. 
Oregon on the other side and Beacon Rock on the middle right of the next destination after  the summit of Hamilton
Myself and the back drop looking west towards Portland down the Columbia River Gorge. 
Looking east. 
About to head up to the summit after this pic. 
From Little Hamilton and now going to the summit of Hamilton Mountain.

A great close up view of Hamilton. 
The three dams of Bonneville. 

Nearby Table Mountain with Mt. Adams in the background.
Panoramic from the summit at 2488'.

Oregon's Mt. Hood.

Taking in Washington's Mt. Adams. 
About to finish the trail loop with a 4 mile trail run down to the trailhead.