Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vancouver BC Coal Harbour, Harbour Green Park

After all of my wandering and the fact that I would soon be up for 24 hours which, was starting to catch up with me. A smile on my face as I was leaving the A-maze-ing Laughter statues, I headed North down Denman St. to find a local coffee shop.  YES! In a few short blocks I find this nice little cafe, Delany's with several people outside enjoying the recently new found sun.  I thought this would be a great time to relax, take in the local atmosphere, have a new found coffee drink (at least to me); a "Misto" and to check my Rough Guide to Vancouver to see where my feet would lead me next. I decided to head north on Denman St to the north side of downtown along the waterfront. I was running a 10k on Sunday and happened to see the Running Room, the place putting on the event as well as a place I used to work at in Uptown-Minneapolis, MN. I stopped in to find out where the North Vancouver store is located so I could pick up my race Bib. I found the location and was off to enjoy the rest of my day...To the Waterfront!!!

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

Great views of the marina and North Vancouver.

Boardwalk long Downtown's North side. great for running, biking, In-line skating or having a coffee!

I'm going over the mountains tomorrow!
Looking NE from Downtown.
I love finding things that are so cool and that I never expected!
A perfect setting...

Just a few of downtown Vancouver's highrise's.

North Vancouver and Grouse Mountain.

I will be up there in the clouds tomorrow!

Getting ready for take off!

Great backdrop!

Maybe next time I will do a flight seeing tour!

Next to Vancouver Convention Centre.

Awesome. Next to Vancouver Convention Centre  as well.

Found a place to rest my head for the night. Thank-you Gulnara!