Monday, July 9, 2012

Barclay Lake in the shadow of Mt. Baring

  One of the best short hikes (< 5 miles) in the area at ~4.4 miles with the subtle sounds of Barclay Creek accompanying you along the trail with several opportunities to dip your feet in the creek. But, if you want a little peace and quiet you may want to go during the week! Since, the trail only climbs 225 ft in 2 miles with a beautiful payoff and lakefront campsites as well, this is a fairly easy hike for anybody, including children...lots of children!
  About a mile into the hike then passing over the creek on a log bridge, a turn around and looking up, way up will bring a WOW!!! to your mouth! Mt. Baring is now looming over you, somehow sneaking up on you. Awesome. It is not much further until you can see the lake through the tree's and you will be in wonder as you get to the shore of the lake. Green, moss and some old growth will surround you as you are gazing way up to the impressive peak of Baring.
  Even though this is a short hike, give yourself plenty of time to explore both ends of the lake. With an ice cold creek and several fallen old growth trees across the creek with several still standing on the south end and the start of Barclay Creek on the north end with boulders and fallen trees shaping the stream and lake at the same time. 
  This place really deserves at least one night (during the week!) to take it all in and to catch the sunrise lighting up the east face of Mt. Baring and coming up over Merchant Peak on the west side! 
  -Barclay Lake is part of Washington's newest wilderness area, the 106,577 arce Wild Sky.
  -Additional pics on PacificNWCompanion facebook page! 
Adventure On
 my Friends!!!
The 4.5 mile drive up to the trailhead.
Merchant Peaks to the west.
Zoom to Merchant Peaks.
Surprisingly little snow left! 
A small stream going down to Barclay Creek.
A family down by the creek on an old log.

Crossing the creek on the log bridge...then turning around! 

Barclay Lake and Mt. Baring!
Along the lake... 
On the South end of the lake...
My dogs are a barking!
A few fallen and standing old growth. 
Thick green.
At the North end of the lake! 

Back to the trailhead.
Done with running for the day!
12+ miles of running. 2.5 hiking.